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Viralys Gel 5oz/tube Supplement for Cats Maple Healthy Immune System in Cats and Kittens

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Product Highlights:
Maple-flavored gel supplement for cats.
Supports a healthy immune system in cats and kittens.
Easy-to-administer oral gel format.
Specifically developed for cats and kittens
Proven to lessen clinical signs and reduce viral shedding
Excellent safety profile with no known side effects
Can be easily, safely and economically administered for as long as required
Compatible with other therapies

Detailed Product Description: Viralys Gel is a delicious maple-flavored supplement designed to support the immune system health of cats and kittens. Formulated with key ingredients, it helps maintain optimal immune function, especially during times of stress or illness. It reduce the severity of Feline Herpes Virus (FHV) symptoms and helps to decrease virus replication. The convenient gel format makes it easy to administer and is well-tolerated by cats of all ages.

Viralys gel helps manage the following:
Runny nose
Sinus congestion
Watery eyes
Inflamed eyes
Conjunctivitis (eye discharge)

Recommended Use:
Adult Cats (6+ months): 1.25ml (250mg L-lysine) twice daily
Kittens: 0.65ml (125mg L-lysine) twice daily


Package Includes:  1 x Viralys Gel 5oz/tube

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Viralys Gel 5oz/tube Supplement for Cats Maple Healthy Immune System in Cats and Kittens
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