Kit Cat Purr Puree and Puree Plus+ 4 Stick x 15g - 15 Flavors [Lowest Price at $3.05]

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⭐️ Irresistible Flavor: Real tuna and chicken make these cat treats a tasty delight for your feline friend.
⭐️ Nutrient-Rich: Packed with Omega-3, these treats contribute to your cat's skin, coat, and joint health.
⭐️ Grain-Free Goodness: A healthy choice with no grains, suitable for cats with dietary sensitivities.
⭐️ Skin & Coat Health: Formulated to enhance your cat's skin and coat condition.
⭐️ Joint & Collagen Care: Specially crafted to support joint health and collagen formation.
⭐️ Convenient Format: Each pack contains 4 sticks x 15g, perfect for hassle-free and portion-controlled indulgence.
⭐️ Omega 3 & 6 , Taurine Added , Prebiotic Vitamin E, No Pork No Lard, Grain Free


😺 Ingredients: Deboned Tuna/Chicken, Water Modified Starch, Thickening Agent, Tuna Extract, Taurine, Vitamin E

😺 Flavors: Tuna & Salmon, Tuna & Fiber (Hairball), Tuna & Smoked Fish , Tuna & Scallop , Chicken & Salmon , Chicken & Fiber (Hairball), Chicken & Smoked Fish, Urinary Care 4x15g (Chicken), Skin & Coat (Chicken), Collagen Care (Chicken), Joint Care (Chicken), Urinary Care (Tuna), Skin & Coat (Tuna), Collagen Care (Tuna), Joint Care (Tuna)

😺 Size: 15g x 4 Sticks

😺 Feeding Recommendation: Daily feeding amount can be adjusted according to your cat's size, weight age, and activity level, supplemental feeding only.

😺 Serve at room temperature. Do not Microwave the sachet

😺 Storage: Store in cool and dry place. After opening, refrigerate unused portion for 2 days maximum.

😺 For cat over 2 months old, it is recommended to mix with other nutritional food to meet cats' dietary need. Keep supplying water for cats regularly.



🌸 Possible 1-2cm error due to manual measurement might occur.
🌸 Actual colour may differ slightly from the pictures.

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