DONO Charcoal Pee Pad - Bamboo Charcoal Fiber

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⭐️ Made from bamboo charcoal fiber for maximum absorption and odor elimination
⭐️ Five-layer design for superior absorbency, effective deodorization, and leak-proof protection
⭐️ First layer made of non-woven cloth/fiber, allowing urine to flow through quickly and ensuring no stains on the pad
⭐️ Second layer made of paper tissue added with dog attractant and baking soda, safe for your furbabies
⭐️ Third layer is a mix of super absorbent polymer and fluff pulp, forming the absorbent core that absorbs the urine and turns it into gel instantly
⭐️ Fourth layer also made of paper tissue to keep urine inside the pad
⭐️ Fifth layer made of waterproof PE Film, preventing wetting your floor and making cleaning easy



🐶 Material:
Non-woven cloth/fiber for quick urine flow
Wooden pulp for absorbency
Super absorbent polymer (SAP) and fluff pulp for the absorbent core
Carbon tissue for effective deodorization
Waterproof PE backsheet to prevent leakage

🐶 Variation:
S: 33x45cm, 100 sheets
M: 45x60cm, 50 sheets
L: 60x60cm, 40 sheets
XL: 60x90cm, 25 sheets

🐶 Size:
S: 33x45cm
M: 45x60cm
L: 60x60cm
XL: 60x90cm



🌸 Possible 1-2cm error due to manual measurement might occur.
🌸Actual colour may differ slightly from the pictures.

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