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Absolute Holistic Dental Chews 4 inches (25g/pc) - The Ultimate Oral Care Treat for Your Pup
Keep your dog's teeth sparkling and health in check with Absolute Holistic Dental Chews! These uniquely shaped 4-inch chews act like a toothbrush, effectively scraping off plaque and tartar down to the gum line. Each chew is packed with 360° nubs and ridges, and the hollow spaces in between ensure a better grip and a thorough clean while catering to your canine's instinctual need to chew.
Each chew is a powerhouse of health benefits:
Grain-Free Formula: Ideal for dogs with grain sensitivities, promoting fewer allergies and overall better health.
Oral Care: Helps prevent gum disease, reduces bacterial attachment, and freshens breath, ensuring a dazzling canine smile.
Flaxseed Oil: Enhances your dog's coat and skin health, giving them that irresistible shine!
Cranberry & Other Special Ingredients: Each flavor is crafted to boost specific aspects of your pet's health. Cranberry for urinary health, milk for strong teeth and bones, mint for fresh breath, and more!
Nutritional Info:
Crude Protein: 3.5%
Crude Fat: 1.0%
Crude Fiber: 3.5%
Crude Ash: 6.5%
Moisture: 15.0%
Max Calorie Content: 2895 Kcal/Kg
A thoughtful blend of Pea Starch, Sweet Potato Starch, Tapioca, Vegetable Glycerine, Peanut Butter, Calcium Carbonate, Cellulose Fiber, Yeast, Vegetable Oil, Mono- And Diglycerides Of Fatty Acids, and other beneficial components like freeze-dried Cranberry Powder, Flaxseed Oil, Carmine Natural Colorant, Alfalfa Extract, and Preservatives to keep it fresh.
Usage Instructions:
Treat your pet responsibly. Monitor them during feeding and ensure water is available at all times. Store in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight.
Absolute Holistic Dental Chews are more than just treats; they're a regimen for your pet's oral health and overall well-being. Reward your pup today with a chew they'll love and benefits you'll adore!

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